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Improv Challenge 2020 Results

At the November meeting the guild had the big reveal of quilts made for the Improv Challenge. The requirements for the challenge were:

Select a minimum of three from the following improv piecing techniques and incorporate them into a quilt top:

  1. wonky stars

  2. triangles/flying geese

  3. free-form curves

  4. inserts

  5. rings/roses

  6. slabs/floating squares

  7. At least 24″ square

  8. Does not need to be quilted and bound

All those who participated in the challenge we’re entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate for Winter Creek Cloth, a local online fabric shop.

Many thanks to Dana of Winter Creek Cloth for her generosity and sponsorship of the prize for this challenge. And thank you to those who participated in the challenge.

Quilt makers in order of appearance:

  1. Ann

  2. Colleen

  3. Karla

  4. Lorna

  5. Nancy M.

  6. Sheila

And the winner of the Improv Challenge drawing was Nancy M! Congrats to Nancy.


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