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A quilt challenge is a great way to stretch your imagination and be inspired.  Challenges often ask you to work with  techniques, colors, fabrics, or design constraints that may be unfamiliar.

March 2024
Modern Quilt Practice


Make a small quilt top (16" x 16") that incorporates 2 modern quilt techniques.  Show your project at the guild meeting on 14 March 2024.  

Green Curves Challenge


This challenge is to make a modern quilt that is mostly green, and mostly curved seams. Pieced and applique seams are both allowed. Quilts must be completed by the meeting on April 11.


The guild will display these at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Members wishing their quilts to be part of our guild’s display will need to pay a $25 registration fee to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

If you want your quilt to be a part of our guild’s display at SOQS, these are the additional requirements imposed by the SOQS:

  • Quilt Size: Width = 24" to 96", Length = 36" to 96", Minimum Perimeter = 160". Examples: 40"x40", 24" x 56", 42" x 38" 

  • Quilts must be three layers and quilted, not tied, to qualify for entry in the show. 

  • Quilts must be square or rectangular – no odd shapes.

  • Rag quilts, quilts highly embellished (sequins, jewels, etc) or non-traditional fabric material (tape, plastic, tarps, etc) are not accepted. Quilts made of fabrics that are heavier-weight such as minky, velvet, corduroy, jean fabric, upholstery will not be able to hang in our show due to the overall weight of the quilt.

  • Quilts must have a label on the back with the exhibitor’s name that matches the name used to register the quilt.

  • Quilts do NOT need a hanging sleeve.

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