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February 2022 Meeting Recap

The Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild (CMQG) Monthly Meeting started via Zoom at 7pm, February 10, 2022, with Missy presiding and Camille handling the Zoom session. Thirty-two people attended.

March lecture and class: Blair Stocker, author of Wise Craft Quilts and inventor of the Ruby Ruler will be the speaker at our March 9 meeting and will teach a class on Saturday, March 12. The March 9 meeting will be by invitation only. Attendees must be members. The class will be “Find the Value in Your Stash”. There is a maximum of 25 students in the class and already 24 have signed up. Class participants will need a Ruby Ruler or something similar to view contrasts. The club is making a group purchase of Ruby Rulers.

Treasurer’s Report: The club has little less than $5000 in all.

Swap:  The club’s next swap is a glasses case that is also perfect as a rotary cutter holder. The swap takes place in April. Lorna and Susan lead this activity.

Community Project for 2022: We will be making bags for the Cancer Center. Janet is leading this project. The bags are Smart Bags by the Quiltsmart Company. These bags are made from a pattern printed on fusible interfacing which you fuse onto your fabric. Janet demonstrated how to put this bag together and showed a couple of examples. She has a bolt (25 panels) of this pattern and one copy of the instructions which the club will copy and distribute to participants.

Block of the Month (BOTM) for March: Lorna is leading this activity. We are making blocks from the book Quilt Improv by Lucie Summers. Our second block is Basket Weave on page 16. Participants will display their blocks during show-and-tell in March. Please send photos of your blocks to

Sew Day: Sew Day is online and is the 4th Saturday of each month which this month is Feb 26. It will start at 9am and end 4 to 6ish depending on participation.

Ultimate Finisher: Every year members can enter this contest for $10 a sheet. You can list up to ten projects on your sheet and can purchase more than one sheet. Sheets are available on the website. Send sheets and checks/cash to Lorna. Finished projects are shown during show-and tell and Lorna will check them off on your sheet. Missy advises leaving lots of blank lines on your sheet and filling them in during the year as you finish projects. If you do that, please email Lorna with the name of your project before the meeting where you display it. Otherwise, she is madly trying to fill out sheets during the show-and-tell.

Quilted Jackets Class:  If you’re interested in taking a quilted jacket class, please contact Diana. She is willing to give us a class on it.

QuiltCon: QuiltCon is later this month and several CMQG members are attending. Our guild has a quilt entered. It is a beautiful quilt designed by Diana and featuring angles (this year’s theme).

Show-and-tell: Show-and-tell was great again and included this month’s BOTM, appliqued circles on a pieced block. Please send photos of show-and-tell items for the March meeting to .

Book Club: The book club meets online at 7pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month which this month is Feb 23. This month’s book is Night Road by Kristen Hannah and next month’s is The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis.  Contact Janet if you wish to participate.

Future Classes: Missy and Camille wish to have another class in the fall and are looking for ideas. With Zoom a world of quilt instructors are open to us (or we could use somebody local). Who would you like to learn from? Contact Missy or Camille with suggestions.

Virtual Retreat: Janet and Carol W. are hosting a Virtual Retreat, which will take place March 18-20. There will be prizes, a group project, and many hours to sew together. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for further details. No charge.

The meeting ended at 8:15.

Submitted by Nancy Mandel, secretary


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