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April 2023 Meeting Recap

The Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild (CMQG) Monthly Meeting started via Zoom on April 13 at 7pm with Camille Ainsworth presiding. Thirty people attended, including one new member, Laurie Waite-Reed.

Club Officers: There has been a change in club officers. Diana Finkenaur is now treasurer and Colleen Powers is vice-president.

Program: Our guest speaker was unable to attend so instead Camille led the club in creating a list of favorite quilters, hashtags, and YouTubers. This was a fun activity. Camille will send out the list as many of us were unfamiliar with some of these resources and wanted the list. The guest speaker will be rescheduled.

Raffle winner: Caroline won a $25 gift certificate to Modern Domestic, a fabric store in the Portland area with a good online presence.

May Monthly Meeting: At the May 11 meeting, Diana will give a talk on creating quilt coats. This will be a hybrid meeting with the in-person portion at the Corvallis Community Center.

Show-and-tell: Only two members had Show-and-Tell items this month. Please either bring Show-and-Tell items to the May meeting or send photos to . We all enjoy seeing what our fellow quilters are doing.

Quilt Exhibit at Philomath Museum: We will be exhibiting quilts from July 29 through September 9 at the museum. Your best modern quilt is due by July 20, to be included in the show. Quilts that were exhibited at the Corvallis Museum last year will not be accepted. Our exhibit will also feature pieces from our 12 x 12-inch monochromatic mini-quilt challenge. Any quilt you wish to exhibit is due by July 20.

Mini-Quilt Challenge: The challenge is to make a 12 x 12-inch, monochrome quilt. A monochrome quilt has two or more shades of a single hue. Yellow-green, Kelly green, and blue-green are different hues and therefore cannot be together in a monochrome quilt. White, gray, and black are not permitted except in a monochrome quilt with each other. Tone-on-tone prints are permitted since these only contain different shades of one hue. The quilts are due by July 20. Contact Sheila for more information.

July Monthly Meeting: We will have a meeting on July 13. Normally we don’t have a meeting in July because of the conflict with the Sisters Quilt Show classes, but this year there is no conflict.

Ultimate Finisher: Don’t forget that you can participate in the Ultimate Finisher contest. Sheets are $10 each and you can list up to ten projects on your sheet. You don’t need to list all ten projects in the beginning but can instead add projects to your list through the year. You just need to let Lorna know when you add a project. UF sheets and checks are sent to Lorna. See the website for details.

Sew Days: Usually the club has two Sew Days a month, one virtual via Zoom and the other in-person at the Consumer Power Incorporated facility (CPI). There will be a Virtual Sew Day on April 22 from 9 to 4pm and an in-person Sew Day on Sunday, April 16 from 10 to 4pm. CPI is at 6990 SW West Hills Rd, Corvallis.

Book Club: The book club meets monthly at 7pm on the last Wednesday of the month, which is April 26. This month’s book is Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson. The May book will be Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. Contact Janet if you wish to participate.

Hand Sewing Groups: The Hand Sewing Group meets on May 7 at Pattie Dix’s house. Contact Pattie if you wish to participate.

Mary’s River Quilt Guild: The MRQG extended an invitation to our members to attend their meeting at 7pm Thursday, April 27 at the Philomath Museum of the Benton County Historical Society.

Quilt Show: There will be a quilt show at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall on April 21-22.

Days for Girls:  This group is meeting at the CPI facility on April 15. Guild members are invited to come and see what it’s all about, or to help the group sew shields that day. Contact Christina Fox if you wish to participate.

Submitted by Nancy Mandel, secretary of CMQG


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